Discussion: Coaching Specific Types of Employees, management homework help

Step 1) Consider that there is a great deal written about coaching specific professions or types of employees such as physicians, scientists, chief executives, teachers, volunteer workers, millennials, etc.

Step 2) Do some research on one of these groups (or another, if you choose) via the Trident Online Library databases. Focus your research on peer-reviewed references.

Step 3) Answer the following questions below using question and answer (Q&A) format; in other words, include the original question along with your response. Within your post, support your responses with information from the background materials and your research for this discussion, and provide the full citation at the end. Use APA format for your references. Bring in your own personal experiences, readings, and research, where applicable.

  1. Which group did you select?
  2. How does coaching these types of employees present unique challenges or modifications in the coaching model presented in this course? How is your answer informed by what was covered in this module?

Step 4) Respond to at least 4 other posts over the course of the two weeks. If you disagree with their opinions, respectfully explain why. A simple post without checking back and engaging others does not contribute very much to an ongoing discussion of these issues.

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