200-400 words Annotations and Summary of “Technology and Food” Article

Please use the following steps to complete this assignment:

Step 1: Download the Word document version of “Are G.M.O.s Safe?” located early in this module. Be sure to save this document to your computer, flash drive, or Google Drive.

Step 2: Using the methods you learned about in “Active Reading Strategies,” annotate the article, using multiple methods, such as highlighting, underlining, bold, etc. Also, be sure to include some notes/comments/questions–either in the margins or in a different font/color on the article as well. Your task is to prove you read the article thoroughly.

Step 3: After reviewing “Active Reading Strategies,” page 2, write a one-paragraph summary explaining the overall claims and main ideas from the article. You should craft this summary in a separate Microsoft Word or Google Docs document. Be sure to avoid plagiarism, quotations, and opinion in the summary. Your paragraph should be 200-400 words in length, and you should include this word count as a 5th line in your heading.

Step 4: Upload both of your documents–the annotated article and the summary–to this assignment submission area. You should see the option to “Add another file” so that you can submit two separate files. It’s imperative that you do not combine your article and summary into one file as this assignment, like all of your assignments, uses Vericite to check for plagiarism. Your submission will definitely show up as plagiarized if you combine the article with your summary

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