Marketing Strategy

Read the case and answer 4 short questions.

Please dont take any information from any outsource….

Case is in pictures I named from 1 to 10

Please ask me if you have any question.

1, Evaluate product innovation at Gillette throughout its history. Has Gillette been a victim of its own success? Has product innovation in the wet-shaving market come to an end? Explain.

2, What do you make of the razor wars, first between Gillette and Schick, and now with online competitors? Does Gillette face a serious threat from competitive inroads? Explain.

3, What actions would you recommend over the next 5 years that could help Gillette maintain its worldwide dominance in the shaving market? What specific marketing program decisions would you recommend? Should Gillette be worried about its pricing strategy? Explain.

4, What is the strangenesses and weaknesses of Gillette? ( don’t have to write down as paragraph, just mention strangenesses points and weakness points)

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