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discussion 1: This week’s material featured these two important videos from Dr. Greger. I have added these links here for your quick reference.

In your post, refer to the evidence he presents to make his case that food is medicine. Discuss some of the challenges or barriers that exist today that prevent the adoption of his recommendations on a global level. Remember to consider how the other themes from this week’s material also influence the likelihood of such a dramatic approach.

Please do the post : #1 post is your answer to my question. Write around 150-200 words. Remember this is discussion – keep it interesting with knowledge and innovative ideas.


Immigration: Native and Foreign

For this writing assignment you will be reading several excerpts from the debate leading up to the 1924 Immigration Act, which established a quota system that greatly curbed the rate of immigration. After reading these selections please respond to the following questions…

1. Identify and discuss two arguments put forth by those in favor of limited immigration.

2. Briefly address one of the counter-arguments made by those in favor of immigration.

3. How do you reconcile anti-immigration sentiment with America’s past and identity? Is it possible to do so?

Your response should be 1-2 pages in length, double-spaced.


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