Criminal law paper

Please answer this seen question.

Fred suspected his wife was having an affair with Abdul. One day during a walk, Fred spotted Abdul sitting in his car.  Fred decided to scare Abdul and so he threw a brick at his car window. The brick smashed the window and struck Abdul injuring him.

Pieces of flying glass also struck his passenger, Sunita, causing her to bleed profusely. Abdul managed to get out of his car and tried to run away from Fred, who by this time had picked up another large stone.  While being chased, Abdul fell over onto the pavement and suffered serious head injuries. He died a few hours later.

Sunita was taken to a hospital where she was given incorrect treatment by a doctor and died from her injuries the following day.

Advise Fred on his liability for homicide, if any.  Do not discuss any other offence not related to homicide. 


i need you to: 

explain if it was a homicide  or manslaughter (either intentional or unintentional) 

make sure 

make AT LEAST 5 points

for each point, pick FIVE (or more) cases out of the below and quote a part of each case to compare to every point you make to prove your point (so for every point you make, add one case and quote).

Have an introduction, at least 5 points, and a conclusion to each point.

An overall conclusion which will be the last paragraph.

talk about the causation

finally, when talking about different types of homicide, use quotes and definitions from cases and courts. 


case laws:

R v Mitchell [1983] QB 74

R v Goodfellow (1986) 83 Cr. App. R 23 &

A-G’s Ref. (No.3 of 1994) [1998] AC 245

R v Saunders [1985] 

R v Rahman [2008].

DPP v Newbury and Jones [1977]

R v Franklin (1883) 

R v Lowe (1973)

Andrews v DPP [1937] AC 576


to get the most marks you will need to:

Identify all, or nearly all of the issues involved, is well constructed in giving practical advice. Gives relevant  authorities in a comprehensive response.  

thank you.


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