ESSAY – The Serious Nature of the Novel

Topic: No text exists in isolation. Every text you will read, from academic journals to comic books, has a purpose that is informed by an audience and one that also responds to the outside world. Some of the warnings texts provide are more explicit than others; you may have read a novel on the horrors of war or the pain of growing into adulthood. Yet other texts use subtlety in conveying their message or warning to readers. A warning from a text might be a depiction of a worst-case scenario and its messy, traumatic, or sad impacts on the characters. Yet as readers, there is always a message we can find and carry with us in our lives.

This essay is my WRT-111 class assignment. This essay needs two books as background, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Never Let Me Go.

More requirements are in the attachment.

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