Great Pyramid of Giza

Term Paper

An original research paper (minimum of 2300-2500 words [excluding extensive quotes]), including a reference section, is required for this class. The main goal of this paper is to apply a scientific approach to the subject of your research. In this vein, your paper will be based on valid scientific evidence to reconstruct past civilizations.

Topic: For this assignment you must select an artifact manufactured by an ancient culture and explain the following:

  • what it tells us about the culture that created it,
  • the technology that made it possible,
  • how it may signal contact with neighboring cultures,
  • its implications for its culture and civilization at large

The student is encouraged to select a topic (artifact) of his/her own choosing with the instructor’s permission. You should select an artifact that addresses one or more of the following:

  • A major technological innovation
  • Important social, ceremonial, or religious significance
  • Archaeological mysteries examined from a scientific perspective
  • Artifacts with environmental implications
  • Artifacts related uniquely to a specific archaeological site/s

Grading: The paper will be graded based on a set rubric on original thinking, application of concepts developed in class, application of archaeological data, organization, use of citations, and proper grammar and spelling. The paper should have a strong thesis, supporting arguments, and conclusions.

References will follow American Antiquity style. Intentional plagiarism will result in an automatic grade of F. Papers will not be accepted after the deadline or with a Turnitin score greater than 15%.

The paper itself is worth 100 points. Additionally, a one page proposal (10 points), and sources (10 points) are required components of this assignment contributing to a total of 120 points.

Mandatory assignment. You cannot pass the course without completing this assignment.

General Format: I do not require many specifics for the overall format. Make sure you include your name, class, and TITLE. A front page is not required. The paper should have a total of 8-10 pages double spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman. I added some suggestions as to format for quotation, italics, and capitalization to follow the format indicated in the SAA guide that I provided (Canvas, citation assignment). However, I will not base my grading on these specifics.

Citations: citations within text and in the reference sections will be required to follow the given guidelines. Make sure you cite in the text those ideas that are not specifically yours. Always cite original sources if possible, e.g. if a web source itself cites another source, use the latter. Also follow the requirements provided in your citation assignment in Canvas.

Requirement for citations:

8-10 sources for the final paper [3 sources for the initial “sources” assignment]

  • Primary sources (original research) (at least 5) [from peer review journals]
  • Secondary sources (rest) [may be book, peer review journals, or other sources]
  • The majority of your sources should be from academic articles and books. Keep other sources such as websites to a minimum.

Required number of pages or word count: As stipulated you should complete close to 2300-2500 words (without major quotes) or 8-10 pages double spaced.

Turnitin format: This is important, make sure you submit your document as stipulated in Canvas “Turnitin”. If is not “Turnitin” readable I will not accept it.TURNITIN SCORE SHOULD BE LESS THAN 15%. Please make sure you go to ‘instructional Canvas’ if you have any problems.

My proposal and sources are down below, they might be helpful for the writing.

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