Issues and challenges of technology and digitalisation has on a company in terms of talent management

Recently, the top management team in Bupa (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., an international healthcare group, has been worried about the impact of the changes in the modern business world, and wants to tackle many of the issues and challenges as a result of these changes by drafting a talent management plan for the next 10 years. This plan will help Bupa manage its human resources and stay competitive in the healthcare industry.

Imagine that you work for a consulting company which is specialised in human resource management. Bupa has hired your company to draft the talent management plan for them. Your team is assigned to work with Bupa on this task.

Please draft a Talent Management Plan for Bupa.

In this plan, you need to a) describe what TECHNOLOGY AND DIGITALISATION issues and challenges the company might be facing, b) what you think the company should do in relation to talent management in order to address these issues and challenges, and c) why they should take these measures.


In 500 words, elaborate the issues and challenges of technology and digitalisation has on Bupa in terms of talent management base on the points below and provide solutions for Bupa and logic behind the solutions.

Issue and Challenges
Technology and Digitalisation
1. Workplace automation, big data, and cyber security
2. Digital leadership, virtual team, and social media

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