MIRR, NPV, EAA, and Enterprise Value, business & finance homework help

1. How does MIRR perform relative to NPV and situations that may call for an Equivalent Annual Annuity(EAA) analysis?

2. Bodmer ( 2015) indicates that for the acquisition model we made assumptions concerning as to the growth of operating cash flow after acquisition for the new owners and how much can the company be eventually sold for. Further, Bodmer relates “EV(net debt plus equity value) to the EBITA, the senior debt level to the EBITA, and the total debt level to the EBITA. Does this relate to Enterprise Value (EV) in the Benninga (2014) textbook.

Benninga, S. (2014). Financial modeling (4th ed.). Cambridge , Massachusetts: MIT Press.

Bodmer, E. (2015). Corporate and project finance modeling. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons,Inc.


min 3 sources for each

apa format

articles must be scholarly/financial

*let me know if you have any questions

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