Module 2


Objective: Teachers
will be able to (1) explain the socio-cultural influences on ELLs, (2) discuss
the impact of bilingualism and home language use, (3) examine parental and
community resources for aiding English acquisition, and (4) cultivate home and
school partnerships.

Preparation:Read or view the following material:1. Read: Parent Involvement Leading
Change Session Handout – July 1, 2008. Handout is in the resource list below. 2. Read: Article by Genzuk, “Tapping
into community funds of knowledge”. Article is in the resource list below.3. Read: Article, “Funds of
knowledge for teaching: Using a qualitative approach to connect homes and
classrooms”.4. View: video on Communicating with
ESL parents. Link to the video is in the resource list below.

Read and View

  • Forum and Activities

Question 1 –
2 Forum

on parent and community involvement, describe an activity or an idea that can
be used in your class.

Activity is Question 2


Question 3-Module
2. Exit Ticket

the exit ticket to demonstrate you’ve met the objective(s) of the module.

the following items.

Look at the objective for this session module. In 3-5 sentences demonstrate
that you met the objective.

In 3-5 sentences explain one takeaway from the reading(s) done for this module.
What did you learn from the reading(s) with regard to teaching ELLs?

In 3-5 sentences explain one takeaway from the activities done in this module.
What did you learn from the activities with regard to teaching ELLs?

In 3-5 sentences, explain your thoughts on the videos or power points in this
module. What connections did you make with prior knowledge and experiences
while watching the videos or power points?





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