Questions on Simple Present and Present Progressive

Questions on Simple Present and Present Progressive

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It is time to test each other!

In this Discussion, you are going to come up with questions about using the simple present and/or the present progressive tense. You will answer at least one question from your classmates as well as suggest a question of your own. Here is how it will work:

First entry–ask a question . . .

Before Thursday you must post a question about these tenses to this Discussion (make sure you know the correct answer!)

Example: How do you change, “Kim plants a bean in the garden,” to present progressive?


How can you make, “Ana asks Wendell to water the bean,” a question?

Second entry–answer a question . . .

On Thursday or after, you must answer one or more of your classmates’ questions!

Example: Kim plants a bean in the garden “Kim is planting a bean in the garden.”

Ana asks Wendell to water the bean “Why does Ana ask Wendell to water the bean?”

You may write more than one question.

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