repsonse needed history

Please respond to Danyel with 100 words:

Niel Wynn states that yes, the progressives succeeded. He explains that the progressive movement attempted to tackle problems for the poor, and also working conditions of women, children, and general labor matters. Richard Abrams states that no, the progressives did not succeed. He explains that the progressives failure lies in racism that reappeared on a large scale, it failed with the war, and failed with American farming. Both sides make good points, and have good arguments. I would have to say that the progressives succeeded because they achieved quite a few of their goals. They succeeded with including income taxes, free welfare, free public education, direct election of senators, and women’s suffrage. They ran into problems when the war started, and some of their goals failed, but there were more accomplishments then failures. Their goal was to make progress within our constitution and I would have to say that they did.

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