Shadow Adminstration of Childcare

Shadow an Administrator

This assignment requires you to shadow an administrator/ director for a minimum of 2 hours, 3 hours maximum. While you are shadowing the administrator / director, I want you to play close attention to what the person is doing, his/her interactions with the students, staff, and parents. Note- you may what to break your observation into 2 or 3 visits to be able to see what is happening during different times of the school day (ie. arrival, mid-day and departure).

Your paper must include the following –

  • Name, address and telephone number of the center where your observation occurred.
  • To verify the time you observed, have the Director sign on a piece of paper the time/s of your observation and if possible attach their business card.

Paper Content and Grading Information


Summary of what you saw, heard and felt during the observation – 15 points max.

  • Includes several (2 or 3) examples of what you saw, heard and felt. – up to 15 points

(specific information about the interactions)

  • Includes one example of what you saw, heard and felt – 5 points


Information about the administrator’s leadership style – 5 points max. (chapter 1)

  • Clear explanation of why you choose this style, with supporting evidence. – 5 points
  • No supporting evidence about leadership style – 2.5 points


Reflection on the observation (What did you learn or would have done differently) – 5 points max.

  • Reflection of observation includes what you learned or would have done differently – 5 points
  • Reflection of observation does not provide any details about what you learned or would have done differently – 0 – 2 points

2 complete typed pages min. / 3 pages maximum – 5 points ma

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