The Metropolitan Medical Group (MMG) merged with the Oak Grove

ase Analysis

The Metropolitan Medical Group (MMG) merged with the Oak Grove Medical group (OGMG). The Oak Grove Medical Group has four offices and owns the medical office building where their imaging and radiology lab and physical therapy and diagnostic laboratory centers are located.

Although the size of staffs in both practices is about the same, OGMG has a very different financial structure. Not only are their receivables a lot higher, but the aging of their receivables is much older. This has caused them to miss payments to their vendors, resulting in a higher accounts payable balance. Further analysis revealed that some of the doctors from remote offices have referred patients for laboratory tests and to specialists outside the practice when these same tests or specialists are available internally at other offices.

The room that houses the network services is not climate controlled, secure, or backed up off-site.

Written Assignment:

Write a brief essay (700 to 750-word maximum) analyzing and solving the case above. The case analysis is worth 15% of the final course grade. Be sure to address the following items in your analysis:

  1. Identify critical success factors for the system integration of the two practices discussed in the case.
  2. What are some of the project management implications for the integration of the practices?
  3. How would you secure access to the data and what personnel implications do you foresee? How do you ensure that the proper records are updated in a timely manner?
  4. The combined practice wants to implement wireless notepads for the physicians and staff to make changes directly to a patient’s records. What data integrity and security issues do you foresee?
  5. What key performance indicators should the management of the practice monitor?
  6. How can the information system be utilized to bring the receivables and payables balances and aging into sync?
  7. What is the importance of having end-user involvement in the implementation of the combined health management information system (HMIS)? How do you go about getting them engaged in the process?
  8. After the system integration, how will you maintain data integrity throughout the system?

Power Point Presentation:

  1. Construct a short PowerPoint presentation (5-7 slides maximum) to address the case scenario.
  1. Place your comments/narration in the Notes section of each slide.
  1. The PowerPoint assignment is worth 5% of the final course grade; the presentation will be assessed according to the following rubric:
  • A description of the issue or problem and an explanation of why it is important; include identification of stakeholders affected. (20%)
  • An explanation of the causes of the issue or problem. (15%)

–Internal or external organizational, human or structural pressures

–Acknowledgement of differing viewpoints as to the causes

  • Analysis of at least two alternative solutions. (25%)
  • Recommendation as to the best solution, supported by sound reasoning. (20%)
  • Plan for implementation of the recommended solution. (10%)

–This needs to be practical; indicate who will implement it.

  • Presentation format (limit of material on each slide), presentation aesthetics (appropriate graphics, not cluttered), use of A.P.A. for references, proper grammar and spelling. (10%)

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