Week 5 Discussion

In the past vampires have been damned soulless creatures doomed to walk the earth preying on the living, forced to pay the ultimate price for their immortality. Modern day vampires seem to live consequence free, enjoying their vampire life with abandon. According to Guillermo del Toro modern day vampires have been “Mormonized” and our most modern depictions of vampires are a far cry from the folklore of Europe and even Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

If as del Toro previously discussed monsters are metaphors what is the modern day vampire a metaphor for? Discuss what you think has changed in our society to create this change in the vampire? What if anything are the modern consequences for being a vampire? Provide specific examples. You can choose to talk about one particular example of a vampire or talk about the genre as a whole.

Please respond to at least two of your peers.

Initial response due on Thursday by 11:59 pm, peer responses are due on Sunday by 11:59 pm.

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