Discussion board The difficulty performance discussion

First Post Discussion: (guidance – here is what you should do: in your first response, there should be a clear distinction in your discussion assignment:

1-How you prepare for the administration of a (Performance Improvement Plan) PIP

2-How you gather the information

3-How you approach the conversation with the employee

Your most appropriate methods to address issues – when you discuss each one in your assignment – BOLD-FACE the words in your assignment: prepare, gather, approach and appropriate methods to demonstrate clear, concise and transparency)

Your first post discussion HEADING: Share your personal thoughts on how best to prepare, gather, approach and your most appropriate method to address the issues for the administration of a PIP.

Consider the following questions as a guide for your post:

  1. How will you gather the information?
  2. How will you approach the conversation?
  3. What is the most appropriate method to address the issue(s)?

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