Film Analysis

1) you will watch one of the movies from the list below which engage in some way with immigrant and racial identity in the United States.

An American Tail (1986) Netflix, YouTube Movies

Avalon (1990) YouTube Movies

Barbershop (2002) YouTube Movies

Brooklyn (2015) YouTube Movies

The Color Purple (1986) YouTube Movies

Coming to America (1988) YouTube Movies

2) you will write a one-page, single spaced (12 pt font, Times New Roman) analysis of this movie. The analysis should begin with a short paragraph identifying and summarizing the film. The rest of the analysis should focus on the aspects of identity the film engages in and how place/geography are involved. What impact do the main characters’ identities have on their lives/the action of the film? What does the film have to say about immigrant/racial identity? What role does the setting have in shaping the identities of the main characters and the action of the film?

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