major paper

For this assignment, choose one of the following prompts.

  1. Choosing one of the themes below and using two of the primary texts that we have studied this quarter (Zoot Suit, Killer of Sheep, Twilight, Rag Doll Plagues, Parable, Blade Runner), write a comparative essay that:

analyzes how your chosen theme works in the two texts; and

develops an argument, based on your interpretation of the theme within the text, about how the two texts comment on the theme; and

uses Melamed’s, Pulido’s, or Davis’, concepts as a lens.

Possible themes: Violence/Death/Warfare; Sovereignty; Knowledge Production/Epistemology; Others, check in for approval and tips!

Some questions for you to consider:

  1. How does reference to historical political/popular figures outside of the text reconstruct a certain history within the text?
  2. How does the theme of death/violence play out differently in two primary texts? What effects does each approach to depicting violence have when juxtaposed against official historical narrative?
  3. Track how primary two texts use sovereignty/autonomy, and the process of assigning autonomy, in order to comment on/critique/edit the official historical narrative.
  4. How do two primary texts depict potentialities for different epistemologies (ways of knowing)? Different ontologies (ways of being)?

i will upload my major paper1 under here, please check the every requirement of major paper2 in the file.

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