Instructions: Answer all questions in a single document. Then submit to the appropriate assignment folder.

Each response to a single essay question should
be about a half-page in length (about 150 words).

1. Cryptographic algorithms provide the underlying tools to most security
protocols used in today’s infrastructures. The choice of which type of
algorithm depends on the goal that you are trying to accomplish, such as
encryption or data integrity. These algorithms fall into two main categories:
symmetric key and asymmetric key cryptography. In this essay, please
discuss the strengths and weaknesses of symmetric key cryptography and
give an example of where this type of cryptography is used. Then discuss
the strengths and weaknesses of asymmetric key cryptography and give an
example of where this type of cryptography is used.
2. Cryptography has been used in one form or another for over 4000 years
and attacks on cryptography have been occurring since its inception. The
type of people attempting to break the code could be malicious in their
intent or could just be trying to identify weaknesses in the security so that
improvements can be made. In your essay response, define cryptanalysis
and describe some of the common cryptanalytic techniques used in attacks.
3. Many people overlook the importance of physical security when addressing
security concerns of the organization. Complex cryptography methods,
stringent access control lists, and vigilant intrusion detection/prevention
software will be rendered useless if an attacker gains physical access to
your data center. Site and facility security planning is equally important to
the technical controls that you implement when minimizing the access a
criminal will have to your assets. In your essay response, define CPTED and
describe how following the CPTED discipline can provide a more aesthetic
alternative to classic target hardening approaches. Make sure that the
three CPTED strategies are covered in your response.

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