Cover letter

I want you to write one page cover latter

  • Using the position you used for the Employer Analysis Report, copy and paste the job ad text into a Word Document, and then use it as a basis for completing a formal application packet for that position.
  • The page following the complete job posting should be your cover letter, written to the hiring manager of the job that you have targeted. Below is a quick refresher of what to put in the cover letter (using block style format – one page).
    • Letterhead (similar to your resume)
    • Date
    • Employer’s address and contact person
    • Greeting
    • 1st paragraph – introduction including a few sentences summarizing you (self-analysis) and a sentence or two stating why you want to work for that employer (employer analysis).
    • 2nd paragraph – why you’re right for the job – “you seek/I have” graphic or a paragraph with keywords from the posting connecting the job to what you have to offer/what you bring to the job.
    • 3rd paragraph – closing with contact information and logical conclusion Professional closing

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