Social Science Question

  • Identify the societies you will compare and contrast in the Final Project.
  • Identify three of the following categories (i.e., Gender Roles, Ideals and Relationships, Social and Economic Structures, Religious or Ethical Beliefs, Technological or Cultural Innovations) you would like to examine within the societies you chose for your Final Project.
  • Develop your preliminary thesis statement for your Final Project.
  • Create an outline of at least three main points that will support your thesis statement.
    • For each main point, write two topic sentences. (For help, review Body Paragraphs (Links to an external site.) from the Writing Center.)
      • Topic sentence one explains the similarities between your chosen societies, according to the category of analysis you are examining.
      • Topic sentence two explains the differences between your chosen societies, according to the category of analysis you are examining. For each topic sentence, provide at least one specific example for each of your chosen societies, drawn from your compare and contrast worksheet.
        • For each example, indicate which sources from your list of sources you will use.
  • Create an APA-formatted annotated reference list containing a minimum of five sources you intended to use for your final project. These sources should include:
    • A minimum of four scholarly secondary sources, of which at least three are from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library.
    • At least one primary source.
    • Note: The course textbook does not count toward your required sources.
    • Note: You may also include images or multimedia course materials, but these sources are in addition to (not instead of) the required sources. Remember such sources should also be cited according to APA format.
  • For help, review Formatting Your References List (Links to an external site.) from the Writing Center.

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