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The jury was right to render the punitive damages burned growing. The photos showed over 16% burn on Lei beck’s leg, a seventy nine year old widow. She got burned by the Mc. Donald’s coffee while seating on the passenger’s seat of a car on the 27th of February1992. She had put the coffee between her knees because she had no other place to put it. In the process of opening it poured on her sweat suit and the whole liquid burned her up. She got into shock and was taken to the emergency room by her grandson. She was in the hospital for a week and the hospital bill accumulated to ten thousand dollars. She sued Mark Donald not in need for compensation but to prevent others from going through the same thing she experienced.

After all these necessary investigations, the jury found out that the severity of the burn was too extreme. On investigating the temperature of the coffee, the jury found that coffee at Mc. Donald’s palace was served at temperatures between 82 degrees Celsius and 92 degrees Celsius, 30 degrees warmer than most home coffee makers. This temperature could cause a 30 degree Celsius body burn in 30 seconds. The jury also found that more than 700 people had reported coffee burns at Mc. Donald’s. The jury did wright in compensating her two hundred thousand dollars which reduced to one hundred thousand dollars because she caused the burn herself.

Punitive damages may discourage companies who manufacture defective products that cause injury, especially based on the amount fined to these companies in case an injury case is filled against them. Punitive damages should be covered bysuch companies. Caps will help in compensation of punitive damages and prevent companies from manufacturing extremely defective products that injure people.

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