Developmental Dyslexia

Susan is a 7-year-old female who has been struggling at home and
at school with following directions and reading. She cries at night because she
feels that she is always in trouble for not being able to understand. Her
parents read books to her at night trying to help her to read. Her mother
remembers having problems with reading too and still struggles to understand
what she reads, but figures that her daughter will someday catch on. Her
teacher has suggested that Susan be screened for a learning disorder. If the
school finds enough reason to refer her, she may be referred to a child
psychologist for further testing.

According to the assigned reading, what disorder does Susan
probably have? How is this passed genetically through families and why do some
members get it but others do not? What are some treatment options for Susan
(based on your earlier diagnosis)?

ADVICE: As you
prepare to respond to this discussion question, be sure that you research
dyslexia and the dyslexia class of disorders. This is important because there
are quite a few different types of dyslexic disorders and they interfere with
different functions due to structural problems. Then, instead of focusing on
school interventions (which will be tempting), explain how the brain functions
in the presence of those disorders. Then, you can discuss treatment issues.

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