Marketing Question


SEO analysis

Use Search Man (

  • Identify an app that has poor rankings and recommend how this app
    can improve its position within the search results based on analysis of
    the app, target audience, keywords, titles, descriptions, images,
    ratings, and reviews.
  • Perform in-depth analysis for the app of your choice. You do not
    need to contact the business, simply make best guesses based on what you
    see within the app after you’ve downloaded it.
  • Start with keyword research, identify the following. Identify 7-10
    keywords which you think provide the best opportunity for the example
    site to rank for.
  • Identify long-tail keyword opportunities
  • Identify obvious head terms of brand and non-brand keywords
  • Identify what other competitors each keyword ranks for.
  • Explain why you chose the keywords you did.
  • How do you feel these keywords would help the business meet the goal you discovered, starting with downloads?
  • How do you feel these keywords would help draw in organic traffic to the site?
  • How well do you think the business can effectively compete for this keyword?

Competitive Apps Analysis

  • Choose two competitive apps for a specific keyword or group of
    keywords. Pick the apps that rank well consistently for keyword phrases
    similar to your first app.
  • Once you’ve selected the the competitive apps plus your original, take screenshots of the following data charts and put in a document :
    • Visibility Score (use Sensor Tower)
    • Volume and Velocity (use Search Man)
    • Ratings and Reviews (use Search Man)
  • Use whatever time period and other filters you think is appropriate,
    as long as it’s consistent between all three (your original and the two
    competitors) apps.
  • Pick two other trends or data points you think worth mentioning (to a
    potential client, the owner of the first app you selected) and note
    those for all three apps as well. This could be related to Title tags,
    Images, Descriptions, unique features, anything else from the tools.
  • Download each app. Pick two additional features or differentiators
    noted by the two apps and the initial app you selected. Make note of
    what you like and don’t like.
  • Write a two-paragraph assessment of summary findings – of
    what you liked and don’t like about your app’s competitive positioning.
    Make note of key features or improvements you might suggest to the app
    owner. Point out observations that are obvious without using tools and
    those that can only be understood using the tools.

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