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I need people to write a Business Ethics Research Paper, Requirements are as follows.


Should the pay for minimum wage workers be increased?

Currently, in the US the minimum wage is $7.25(2015,7) an hour which is $14,500a year if you work 40 hours a week. This is considered below poverty in the US because of the cost of living. But businesses say raising the minimum wage will cost too much money and they will have to fire workers. ( Research content related to Business Ethics)

Format Requirements:

1.Microsoft Word document ( length of 4-5 double-spaced pages of text , excluding the cover page, an abstract, and references or bibliography.)

2. APA Format

3. be written in complete sentences.

4. A References list on a separate page.

5. 10% similarity will be the limited. I will check it on turnitin after your work delivered

No Similar Work Accepted,



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