Writing About Literacy Informal Proposal

Writing About Literacy Informal Proposal

Use these subheadings when sharing your proposal.

  1. Introduction
    Explain the problem, question, or idea you are exploring and why it is significant.
  2. Background / Review of Existing Scholarship
    Pull from the scholarship we’ve been reading in our course to contextualize the problem, question, or idea you’ll explore. Address why additional research is needed.
  3. Rationale
    Share your specific research question and its connection to the existing scholarship.
  4. Methods
    Describe how you will collect data and test the questions you’re exploring. Address how your method is a good fit for your research question. Contextualize the group from whom you are drawing your data (including demographic information like age, language use, and socio-economic factors). How will you analyze the results?
  5. Significance and Conclusion
    Discuss, generally, how your proposed research constitutes a contribution to the field. (In other words, answer the “So what?” question.)
  6. References
    Include all secondary references in MLA style.

So basically I need to draft an informal research proposal based on a topic dealing with Deborah Brandt’s essay “Sponsors of Literacy” that you completed before. I have attached to word doc that you did for that assignment.

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