Capstone Project

Capstone Project (200 pts total; 100 for paper, 1500 words minimum, not counting

references, title page, etc.); 100 for presentation, 15-18 minutes)

You will create a “capstone project” applying what you have learned as an Avila Psychology

major targeting a focused area of research you believe to be important for the future of

psychology. You are encouraged to integrate ways in which that area will relate to your

anticipated career aspirations within the field. You will be graded on your ability to clearly

synthesize the material covered in the course (and from other courses within the major),

synthesize current thinking in the chosen area, and discuss ways in which these trends will

interface with your application of psychology in the future. You may choose the same topic you

presented on earlier in the semester if you wish. If you do, it is expected that your paper will

expand upon your presentation in great detail and that you do not reproduce what you turned in

previously. The paper will be worth 100 points and must address the following:

1- Service to a population/community/issue that is either traditionally underserved or

under-researched (who, what, and why)

2- How issues of power, privilege, injustice, oppression, or other need relate to the

topic/population or issue

3- The future for researchers and/or practitioners face in continuing to address the


4- A proposed research study including: operational definition of constructs, research

question, method of data collection, proposed analysis

Presentations must last at least 15 minutes and no more than 18 minutes. You will be evaluated

on your ability to communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively to your peers. Unlike the

Discussion Facilitation assignment, you will be educating your peers on a topic that you devote

yourself to this semester. Your work should demonstrate the ability to build on your previous

coursework to demonstrate your intellectual strengths related to this topic.

i would like you to talk about (PHOBIA)

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