Korean Food Identity

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Korean Food Identity

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Write a post on the unique identity of the Korean food culture in the U.S. and its historical trajectory that led to the remarkable point. After having a brief overview of the unique identity and status of the Korean food culture in the U.S., you can frame your writing as argument that the uniqueness has been developed due to its cultural origin, its immigration history, and its adaption to the new environment in the U.S. You can further discuss the current development of this Asian food culture, such as grocery stores and restaurants in its ethnic enclaves and contemporary dining options. In addition, you can project some trends of this food culture in the U.S. Specifically, please include the following when you draft the post: 01. Have a brief synopsis of the unique identity of Korean food culture to in the U.S. 02. Briefly discuss its immigration history by tracing the wars, conquests, famine, and/or other factors that led to the mass immigration from Korea to the U.S. 03. Discuss the rise of Korean food culture in the U.S. with a focus on the evolution of its unique food culture identity 04. Describe the contemporary dining options found in the ethnic enclaves and other contemporary expressions such as fusion food. 05. Identify at least two future trends about this Asian food culture in the U.S.

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