Racial Profiling

Are Racial Profiling and Police Discrimination Really Problems? (100 Points)

The media play a huge role in communicating problems with racial
profiling and discrimination. Whether claiming excessive use of force,
the racial profiling of suspects, or unequal application of the law, the
media spotlight is shining on our criminal justice system and calling
for change. For this assignment, develop an essay focusing on the

  1. Identify an instance of alleged police discrimination.
  2. Discuss the details of the incident, including whether the allegation of discrimination was founded or unfounded.
  3. What role, if any, does police discretion play in racial profiling or discrimination?
  4. What intervention(s) would you recommend to help reduce racial profiling and discrimination?

Your well-written essay should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 3-4 pages in length excluding the cover page and reference pages
  • Include at least two academic sources
  • Be formatted according to APA

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