Writing Question

Based on the two articles, “Sweden’s New Gender-Neutral Pronoun: Hen” by Rothschild and https://gen.medium.com/proud-that-your-daughter-ba…, come up with a question at issue or an enthymeme to base an argumentative essay around. (a reasoned thesis). The essay should present an argument that clarifies and proves your thesis; drawing evidence through argumentative reasoning.

Writer’s Checklist (Minimum Requirements):

  • essay must include a thesis, stated in the form of an enthymeme. Make the enthymeme bold so that it is easy to find. The assertion of the enthymeme must answer a Question at Issue that you’ve developed from the readings.
  • argument must be organized logically with reasoning that supports your enthymeme.
  • essay must provide different kinds of evidence to support your reasoning, including reference to two readings.
  • essay must include a counterargument and a response to that counterargument.
  • essay must have a clear sense of organization in its sentences and paragraphs.
  • must be written in academic prose. This does not mean that your essay shouldn’t sound like you, only that you need to adhere to academic spelling and grammar rules. For example: I do not want to see shorthand like “lol” or “smh” or abbreviated words like “legit.”
  • must adhere to MLA guidelines for formatting. This includes 1” margins, parenthetical citations, and a properly-formatted works cited section.
  • essay must come to at least 1,200 words.

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