Week 9 Assignment

Assignment: Group Wiki: Reflections

The Group Wiki assignments in this course gave you the
opportunity to discuss ideas, share your experiences, and collaborate
with your colleagues. The strategic planning process is, in a similar
way, a collaborative effort involving organizational leaders, managers,
and stakeholders. One of the most important aspects of strategic
planning is reflecting on the organization’s goals, strategies, and
progress. The reflection process in strategic planning allows
organizations to consider what is working and what needs improvement.
For this Group Wiki, you apply these reflective techniques by examining
your Group Wiki experience.

By Day 5

To complete:

In the Group Wiki, write a summary to address the following with your Final Project in mind:

  • Explain whether you liked the Group Wiki process.
    Include whether you felt like it helped you fulfill the Final Project
    requirements. You may consider the following questions:

    • How has this experience benefitted you?
    • Has this experience enhanced your knowledge of the strategic planning process?
    • Did you gain significant insights into organizational strategic planning?
  • Provide at least two suggestions for improving the Group Wiki experience.

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