Case Analysis

Case Analysis: The Decision Making Process

For this assignment, you will write a case analysis. You have a choice of using Case 27 in your textbook, 3M – The First 110 Years, or choosing a case from the list below, or researching and selecting a case related to organizational decision making. If you chose this later option, you must have your case approved in advance by your instructor.

Once you have identified the case you will analyze, read an Introduction to Analyzing a Case Study and Writing a Case Study Analysis in Part 5 your book (it’s easy to locate through the Table of Contents).

Then, write a comprehensive case analysis. Your case analysis should cover the following:

1. The context of the decision making processes, including for example: the goals, activities, history or culture of the organization; the complexity and special features of the task or problem; the major stakeholders of the decisions.

2. The main phases or activities of the decision making process, including for example: the background leading up to the problem situation; problem recognition; development and evaluation of alternatives; selection of alternative; and outcome of the decision. Where possible, analyze the information seeking and information use behaviors in the decision making process.

3. Analyze your case using one or more of the models introduced this week. You may also introduce other theoretical perspectives/cases to enrich your analysis. Show how these models/perspectives provide insight into your case.

4. Assess the overall quality of the decision making process. Identify its strengths and limitations. Suggest ways of improving the process.

Assignment Requirements:

  • Review and follow the rubric.
  • Address the questions above in a comprehensive case analysis. Your analysis should contain a clear introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Focus on quality of writing and content. Generally, a strong paper will be a minimum of 2 pages.
  • Use APA format for title page, references and in-text citations. No abstract required.
  • Cite at least 2 credible outside sources in APA format.
  • Upload your assignment to this Safe Assign link by Sunday at 11:59 pm (EST).

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