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History Essay 2

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II. Shorter Essays Answer TWO of the following essays. Please write in ESSAY FORM (40 points) 1. Describe the provisions of the Monroe Doctrine. What major event(s) triggered U.S. and American concern over the Americas? Why were they concerned? What was the immediate reaction of most European countries to the Doctrine? What did the U.S. use the Monroe Doctrine for in the late 1800s? 2. Explain fully the main reasons why the United States wanted to buy New Orleans in the early 1800s. Why did Napoleon end up selling all of Louisiana to the United States. What were the potential problems the United States had to consider before accepting the treaty to purchase Louisiana (in other words, why might Livingston and Monroe have hesitated when all of Louisiana was offered, and, similarly, why might Jefferson have concerns over the buying of territory). 3. Reform movements gained significant popularity in America between the 1830s and 1850s. Explain fully the reasons why such movements achieved popularity during this period, and discuss the specific accomplishments of three of the movements. 4. Trace the specific events that led to the creation of the first political party system and explain why these events influenced the creation of political parties. III. Longer Essay Please answer the following essay (30 points) Discuss the overall accomplishments and legacy of Andrew Jackson’s presidency. Using what you have learned from the textbook and the lectures, how do you rate his policies overall? (do not say he’s good or he’s bad—you need to provide evidence as to why you feel the way you do). Will be turned in to turnitin.com

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